Stroke equipment by a stroke warrior

Zombie vs. People Who Had a Stroke

I wonder what a medieval gravedigger might feel if a stroke survivor who “woke up” from being in a coma inside his grave. Someone who talked in gibberish and crawled out of his grave to limp after the gravediggers who are running away.

“Zombies” are in fact, stroke survivors who’s family piled them up top of dead people at the mass graves. Zombies “play to the core human fear: the human-looking inhuman thing.

They are so like us in appearance, and so different in behavior.

Their sad appearance – large, staring eyes, obvious wounds, slow motion, inspires pity and/or revulsion. The way they move was initially intended to seem almost reluctant. Almost as if the people they once had been were trying to resist their body’s actions.”

I did have the seriously painful wounds & blank stare in my medical coma in the ICU and in my wakeful zone in the hospital.

Later on, I seem to have a knack for a limping into a crowd of cosplay zombies in the Zombie Crawl. Brains. I want to eat your brains.

Seriously. I am hungry.

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