Why I Was ‘Reborn’ to Be in Right Now

When I was barely twelve, in 1980, I gotten into an argument with my friend about cruise missiles. My friend refused to say that the Pentagon had these cruise missiles. But, I was reading it in my library’s book!  “I will show you!” I huffed-and-puffed at my commie friend.  (My friend was in love with USSR).

I biked over to my local library and cruised up the longest staircase imaginable and panting. I found myself beside the enormous notecard cabinet and dived into the notecards which proved frustration. No ‘cruise missile’ notecard, here.  Um.  Pentagon note-card?  Nope. “American military industrial complex”?  Hmm.  Oh.  I know.  It was in “Mi-Mo” notecard drawer.  “Missiles “.   I cruised the shelves with military topic, historically topic, flight topic. I finally found a book on the floor shelf and checked it out, biking to my friend’s house and jumping off my red bike and locating my friend downstairs in the basement watching a tv show and presented my book to my friend and… My friend stared at the book and he shrugged. And, then he went back and watching his boob tube.

Normally, I would show my friend the cruise missile data, bought to him by the wikipedia.org, and he would be crestfallen in under 3 seconds flat.  And, then, watch his crappy boob tube.  

Here’s a few choice aphasia winners:

Maps.google.com – Before my stroke. I could’t figure the AAA maps in my car, anyhow. I folded them the wrong way and I couldn’t find the highway on the folded-map. Afterwards, with my stroke and no one to read the map, I found GPS apps on my iPhone. I traveled to San Antonio, Atlanta, NYC, Philadelphia, LA (driving) and Bangkok (walking) with my smartphone. And without my retro-physical maps, my crips voice saying, ‘pardon me, how do I get to blank blank blank’ or, a friend pointing to a sign.


Yelp.com, Tripadvisor.com – Back before our smartphone, in 1996, I was driving west to la la land and I said to my ex-wife, “Maybe, we could tape on a cassette tape an account of a hot-spot travelogue”. (I came up with crazy bizarre stuff). TripAdvisor & Yelp are my advance scouts. Whenever, my children are getting rowdy on the long drive to see their grandparents I usually hit the Yelp button so restaurants, ice cream parlors, amusements and businesses pop up.


SpeakIt! – I used to type to my iPhone.  SpeakIt! would chimed in ‘where is the girls clothing department?’, or ‘I need to find an electrical outlet!’ or, ‘I have an over easy eggs and coffee, please?’ when I couldn’t talk and an announce. My SpeakIt!, used to speak (and frighten the shop girls). Nowadays, I practice saying big, giant words and sentences on SpeakIt!


Priceline.com – That’s it, I managed to book my flights, my hotels and my rental cars without even being present for a real human being. I can flip through youtube’s experiences the thrills & misfire of going to Bangkok and then, book the flights & hotels.


Quip.com – I type essays, lists, reminders and they are on the web. Not only, can I use the computer, smartphone and table but, I can invite my employees and friends. I know that Quip.com knows how to protect my personal files and share with other individual of my choice.


Youtube.com– How I love you, YouTube, my Valentines Day lover; ’cause you outshine my local library. You’re outspoken like the crazy homeless guy who mutters when I have to go past him in my neighborhood, and sparkles when you said something of your mischievous & stunning insight.


Wikipedia.com – A web library.  A billions of useless facts, truism and mostly-true informations.  


Facebook.com – Yes, Facebook. Do you know that Facebook has misguided ‘Bless you’ crap posts and kitten posters? But, you can find out about stroke related going in the scientific world.

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