Stroke equipment by a stroke warrior

The Stroke is the Wrong Name

The Stroke: Wrong name for cerebrovascular accident (CVA), cerebrovascular insult (CVI), or brain attack.

The word, “stroke” has a multipurpose meaning: various meaning in the sport of rowing, a swimming style, a scuba diver who is not following the rules, an reciprocating engine, a sexual intercourse, an act of moving one’s hand, an act of hitting….


…And, a fairy shooting a flint arrow at a medieval person.




The medieval mind snapped up the foggiest reason for a cerebrovascular accident. Really. The Picts, who were inhabitants of Scotland during the Iron Age, crafted these flint arrow-heads. Medieval people believed that a fairy fired those arrows at a person. These flint arrow-heads were fired by the Picts a long time ago, on the forests’ paths, throughout the moors, and windswept hills of Scottish highlands. Oh, well.


Now, we enter the medieval minds; they had no CAT scan. No surgery technique. No history of the brain. What they had was imagination. The medieval person believed the fairy’s arrow-head would cast a wicked spell on the victim “a sudden paralytic seizure comes directly from fairy belief…. an elf-blow, which struck down the victim.” I’ll bet that you will find a couple of ten-thousand people who suggest that I or, a stroke survivor, must be wicked to have a blood clot exploded in our brains. Maybe, Satan cast of spell to make the blood clot squeezed into a righteous person’s brain, or God is giving me a precious stroke. Or, Heaven waits for stroke victims to come and flitted around on geese wings.




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