The four fatalities of my adult life

My ex-wife divorced me one year after my stroke, took away my children, and my livelihood.  My massive stroke took away the use of the right side of my body, and I was mute.

Experiencing just one of the above events would have melted the pre-stroke Alon into an anxious numb entity.

What’s changed? 
I have learned to become a stroke warrior.

My grandparents were Ashkenazi Jewish refugees. My Grandpa Julius lost his family in Lithuania in 1941 to the Nazis. In my darkest hours, I would think about my Grandpa and what he endured.  I reminded myself that I still had my family, my home, and my friends.

My parents raised a stubbornly independent young man.  Perhaps it was my stubbornness that propelled me back into a fulfilling life post-stroke. 

I have learned about rebuilding my life from my family, friends, and employees.  Post-stroke I wouldn’t have believed the life I was about to have.  I love my life as a bachelor. I date, travel, and have a robust startup business. 

I have learned the power of the mind over adversity and failure.  

I have learned the power of hope.

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