Stroke equipment by a stroke warrior
A deer similar to the one on the runway.

The Deer and the Pilot

This morning, I was flying to San Antonio (where my ex-wife & my lovely daughters dwell). The pilot came on to say that the reason we weren’t taking off was because the first-in-line plane hit a deer.


Why was the deer on the runaway?

Gary Larson Comic

Do you know the “Far Side” by Gary Larson?

And, the “Fatal Attraction”?

I imagined the deer and the pilot embracing one another the other night, Valentines Day.

Now February 15 in the afternoon, the deer stood on two of her back hooves shouting out the pilot’s name but the pilot steered the plane towards her. He hit her by the plane’s wheels and crushed her into smudge.

That was a movie made during the Reagan era. But, it happened here, Feb 15, 2017.

I guess, the men and the deer are used to acting like savages. I guess.


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