Alon Kaplan, founder of AlonTree Company, before and after his stroke.

Before and after my stroke

Before I had the stroke, I cleaned, gardened, cooked, and did the laundry. I played with my daughters, nursed them back to health when they were sick, took them to school in the morning, and picked them up from school in the afternoon.  I was the “assistant director” for my daughters; always at my daughters’ schools, reading to them, and taking my daughters to explore the world. I made ketubahs (Jewish marriage certifications) and interacted with brides, grooms, rabbis, cantors, and Judaic shopkeepers. I packaged watercolors and delivered the packages to FedEx for shipment.

After my stroke, I returned home and realized the effort involved in the daily tasks of living. My ex-wife was still living with me and expected me to return to my life pre-stroke. So, I began the process of bathing, dressing, and eating; but in slow motion.  After becoming independent with these tasks, I began cleaning, cooking, and doing the laundry. While my daughters slept upstairs, I wasn’t just vacuuming the rugs and floors of my house at nighttime. This physical exercise triggered changes that stimulated neuroplasticity, producing new connections in my damaged brain.



  1. Patricia ohara on at 3:06 am

    Someone n FB posted your device that straightens clenched fingers. How can I buy this?

    • Ellen 2 Colasurdo on at 5:58 am

      Interesting site.please continue your left hand still locked.hoping this helps

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