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I Went Into a Coma at the Exact Time That Betty Page Went Into a Coma

I went into a coma at the exact time that Betty Page went into a coma. I survived and she didn’t.

My car accident happened August 14, 2008.

Okay. So, I drove my kids on the 40 and I had a seizure and I fainted. The date? August 14, 2011.

But, I been having seizures even since my damage brain went in a stroke.

December 3, 2008, I had a catastrophic massive stroke which led to aphasia: my damaged brain couldn’t cope with speech and with grammatical of sentence building.

December 8, 1988, I was a sophomore in college. And, I wrote an essay about aphasia.

Could it be that my subconscious brain knew that I had written an essay about aphasia and then, conjured up my stroke taking place 20 years after my aphasia essay?


No. It’s not.
I didn’t care for gods, blessings, ‘angels’ & joojoo; that’s right being a social democratic humanist. I am a secular Jewish man. Before my stroke, I studied prayerbook Hebrew and chanting Haftorah (all the other books expecting the five of Moses). I gave lectures about Judiasm to old & young, Christians & Jewish and even kept kosher! I studied religious thoughts and intellectual history at University of Pennsylvania.

Around 2010, I questioned my half-paralyzed body and my damaged brain, and started AlonTree Company. At the time, I was the only patient and the only employee. I learned a great deal by “fixing” my affective extensive muscle groups and my extensive brain’s neurons with the benefits of neuroplasticity.

I believe that I need to exercise concentrically inside using our AlonTree products, and exercise outside by walking, climbing, biking or whatever.

Doing it slow, fast or, medium rare. Doing it with myself. Or, with others.

I believe that I need to hear my aching joints and aching muscle groups chorusing (or pleading) with me. Not with my PT or with my OT. Not with my doctor. And, certainty, NOT with my insurance company’s bureaucrats.

My chippy, bright, smart & seriously funny employees are filling up my arts & crafts bungalow.

That’s where you come in. Help us do wonderful things in the world by embracing and sharing the term, “Stroke Hero.”

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