AlonSeed Game for Stroke Recovery


The Seed is a physically interactive game that helps with mental development. The Seed exercises your gross motor skills and fine motor skills of your fingers and thumb. Roll the dice and insert the giant peg into whichever colored peg hole that corresponds to the same number on the colored dice.  The Seed is particularly useful for Stroke Warriors.  Use as memorization enhancer, to grow fine motor skills, repeat numbers for brain exercise, and colorful stimuli for the cognitive pathway.

  • Can be used on a table or the floor, horizontally or vertically
  • 22.5”x 22.5” triangular wood surface , 8 holes with corresponding dowel inserts. Dowel inserts include : peg handle with transparent disc.
  • 9.5” legs with slip proof balls on the end to provide safety. Legs are detachable for storing in the leg holder on the back of the product
  • Instructions included
  • Two color dices included
  • One yellow playing peg included
  • Removable plexiglass surface
  • American made
  • Shoulder strap (sold separately)
  • Game-pieces bag (sold separately)

AlonSeed is specially designed for Stroke Warriors who are at any point in their recovery. The AlonSeed’s fun and colorful design encourages playful and meaningful involvement. The game holes are color-coded, high quality, no fade vinyl for captivating and maintaining interest. The wooden structure is carefully crafted with elegant engravings and smooth rounded edges.   Just follow the instruction manual for game ideas.

“I was desperate.  I was sitting in my daughters pre-kindergarten and I watched my preschooler and her friends play with over-sized spoons and gigantic beads and enormous pegs.  The teacher explained to me how preschoolers like to have fun.   And this is how the teacher embedding fine and gross motor skills with her preschoolers.  I thought I want fun in exercises, too!  The thought of being surrounded by grey, black and metallic physical therapy equipment was distasteful.   And none of them contained gross motor skills.    And, the therapists had to guide me and be near me, always.  Look at the preschoolers;  they are entranced in their game.  I want to be entrance, too!  I and my design team worked on our Seed for six years.  I know you will have as much success I have.” – Alon Kaplan

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 4 × 15 × 15 in