Better Together

Create a full support system for your upper limb by combining the Glove and the Twig.

Glove & Twig Combo: $299  $255.00

How do I know what size to order?

Measure around your hand at the knuckles as shown in the diagram.

  • 6-7 inches = Extra Small
  • 7-8 inches = Small
  • 8-9 inches = Medium
  • 9-10 inches = Large
  • 10-11 inches = Extra Large

Learn More About the AlonGlove

Explore how using the Glove for stroke recovery and other brain injury rehabilitation can help you.

  • Fingerless design opens fully for easy one-handed application
  • Elastic hook-and-loop fasteners for adjustable fit and maximum comfort
  • Washable antimicrobial moisture wicking fabric for all-day comfort
  • Flexible plastic finger splints for support and padded for comfort
  • Removable finger splints allow for full customization, tension and placement
  • Soft leather and neoprene finger tips have authentic contact feel and grip
  • Comfortable finger tips open and close for a tight custom fit
  • Lightweight removable wrist stay for extra support

The AlonGlove comes with the following parts:

  • One hand and wrist brace.
  • Three finger splints with finger tips for pointer, middle and ring finger.
  • One pinky splint with finger tip.
  • One thumb tip.
  • Two thumb splints

Please note: The fingertips on the Glove have been improved and may not match the picture.

The Glove’s exoskeleton works as an extension of your own body. It increases the opening of your hand and encourages residual muscle activity.

This synergy helps individual muscles to achieve reproducible fine motor actions such as grasping and releasing objects. When you exercise your hand muscles, you get the added benefits of better grip and release abilities, increasing flexion, and reducing contractures.

You can use one hand to put on, adjust, and remove the AlonGlove.


Glove FAQs

What materials are used in the Glove?

The Glove is made of a moisture wicking anti-microbial polyester lycra, elastic loop straps, leather, grosgrain binding, and hook and loop materials. It is supported by a removable aluminum wrist stay and plastic finger splints.

How should I care for my Glove?

  • Remove aluminum wrist stay, finger and thumb splints, and finger tips. Close the Glove, securing all hook-and-loop straps. Machine wash on gentle cycle and hang to dry.
  • As needed, surface clean or hand wash finger tips.
  • If the hooks on the finger splints get fuzzed, remove lint and hair with a fine-toothed comb or a large safety pin.

How do I start using the Glove?

Like any new practice, we recommend adding the Glove to your daily routine slowly. Wear it for a short amount of time initially and try simple tasks. Work your way up to longer time periods and more detailed practice of fine-motor and gross-motor skills.

Can I wear it all day long?

Your Glove can be worn 24 hours a day if desired, even in the shower and the pool.

Even to bed?


Do you practice as a physical therapist?

Alon: “No. I developed the AlonTree products because I had a massive stroke and wanted to recover the use of my affected arm. After almost four years of therapy, I still could not use my arm effectively. I wanted to get my arm muscles to relax out of the typical bent position of spasticity.”

Where do you make the AlonTree Glove?

Our team of designers and craftspeople live in and around Asheville, North Carolina. Each Glove is constructed by hand.

Important Disclaimer

AlonTree Company and its team members are not medical doctors or therapists. The products we develop are non-invasive and intended as compliments to the therapies and exercises prescribed by your health care professional.

Our technology is designed, invented and developed through the personal experience of Alon and refined through implementation and observation as put into practice with other individuals. Although our products are designed to help you recover sensory and motor control, we can make no guarantee that the products will provide you with the desired results.

You should consult your health care professional before using this or any other equipment or program to determine if it is right for your needs.

How Alon is Using the Glove for Stroke Recovery


The Glove was one of Alon’s first projects to aid in his own stroke recovery. Over the last few years, the Glove design has been streamlined to make it more comfortable and more effective.

Alon uses his Glove for every day activities, like cooking and cleaning. He wears the Glove to ride horses, practice akido, and hike with his daughters.

Alon also uses the Glove in his self-directed therapy sessions. He uses a collection of objects to practice fine-motor skills, including grasping and dropping.

The Glove makes it possible for Alon to work with balls of various sizes and softness, equipment handles, and modified playing cards.

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