Stroke equipment by a stroke warrior



Poetry I wrote between my car accident & my stroke.


When you told me that loved him,
You turned on a particle accelerator
and blew my atoms
to bits.
I did not know what
was inside,
thank you for giving
me back to myself.


I love the way your
face shines when you
talk about being in love
with him.
I know how the moth
feels as he flies
towards the flame.


You taught me how to
feed myself with my
fear in the woods
when the bear growled
at us from behind a
screen of green.
taught me not to go to
fantasy as I saw black
shapes in the stump of
trees. It wasn’t the
bear growl or the
black shapes I was
afraid of — it was the
feeling of waking up.


The kite thinks that
it is the one holding
the string.
Until, it learns to love
the dipping and the
more than the


Once a man and a woman
were longing for their
They called him up and
said, “come at once!”
The friend said, “I
will be there.”
The man and woman
sat on their porch and
But, the friend
did not come. The man said,
“the sink is full of dirty dishes” and he
get up to clean them.
The woman went to
tidy up the table. Together
they washed and cleaned
and set up their home in
order. When the house
was ready the friend
“What took you so long!”
they embracing him.
The friend said, “my
Loves, I have been
sitting on the porch
this whole time
waiting for you to be
ready to receive me.”

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