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What Is a ‘Plateau’ of Your Stroke Recovery?

“At six months out from a stroke, you don’t expect to see any further recovery.”

“Often times there is rapid recovery during the first three months, but then progress slows down. This eventually leads to a dreaded ‘plateau’ in recovery after about six months.”

“’Plateau’ is an expression frequently used in relation to decisions to discharge patients from physiotherapy following stroke.”


I never saw evidence of a ‘plateau’ in my brain and in my body or my stroke recovery. I kept on working hard. Eight years later, I can tango dance, horseback riding, go to Thailand, driving to and forth San Antonio, TX, hiking, yoga-ing, sword fighting, baby-style crawling, exercise and playing.

A long, long time ago, it was Spring of 2011 (two-a-half years post my stroke). I emailed my video of my affected arm to Dr. Edward Taub’s Stroke research center at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. (Taub sought to investigate the potential for“constraint-based therapy” to help in the recovery of movement in affected limbs.)

Finally, Taub’s client emailed back, “If, Alon had a mobile thumb THEN, he would be seen by Dr. Taub.”


It is as though they will only treat people who are already almost better. I can’t get my head around this! What if the lawyers accepted only clients who were “non-guilty” by the hooded executioner? What if the doctors accepted only patients who were almost cured?


I have figured it out: The insurance company has a time-limit for stroke therapy for US. The doctors and the therapists’ long list of mumbo-jumbo for the insurance company to see about our ‘progress’ in terms of the ‘plateau’ coming right up to six months or one year.

The insurance company hurried along our therapists’ company to come with a ‘plateau’ which is 6 month or a year. Why? Because, workaholic stressed-out therapists who were to following the insurance companies’ forms.

Catch 22.

My ‘affected’ thumb is getting better all the time (thank to my AlonGlove). My right side of my body has it problem; late at night, I’m clumsy. Early in the morning, my toes curl up.


The muscles groups’ electrically pulses around my body are firing at the complexities of higher power and subtleness. They are NOT firing is scattershot (broad but random and haphazard in its range).

BUT, I am in control of my muscle groups.

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