Alon Kaplan and the Founding of AlonTree

AlonTree Company helps stroke heroes increase their quality of life by designing and providing stroke recovery devices that are easy-to-use, affordable, and attractive.

Hello, I'm Alon Kaplan.

I’m the father of cheeky, smart and cute daughters. I’m a writer of screenplays, novels and essays.

At the age of 40, I had a car accident. It eventually led to a massive, catastrophic stroke. I sank into a medical coma. Although the doctors were uncertain that I would, I survived.

I could not speak and was hemiplegic, paralyzed on my right side.

For several months I went into a rehab center two or three times per week for 50-minute sessions. Because I wanted to walk and talk again, I did all the exercises prescribed by my PTs & OTs. I also found more ideas on the web.

I bought some stroke gadgets advertised to help stroke recovery....They did not help, and they fell apart. Some were designed by physical therapists, but these gadgets were useless.

In the spring of 2011, I questioned my half-paralyzed body and my damaged brain:

How can I be whole again?


I envisioned the equipment that would help me become whole...

...and AlonTree Company was born.

The only employee and the only patient of AlonTree Company, I learned to “fix” the muscle groups in the affected half of my body using equipment I built myself.

The equipment helped me to “awaken” my affected “half-body” with regular use. My neurons began to learn new tasks. I can talk, walk, climb stairs and move my arm. I dance tango, hike, and horseback ride.

With the benefits of neuroplasticity and regular exercise, I believe we can recover well beyond what the medical professionals tell people who have had strokes.

We need to continue exercising our bodies to teach our brain’s neurons to take over the functions of damaged neurons. I believe using AlonTree products leads to substantial improvements in function over time. And as has been true for me, this exercise can help us all be able to walk, ride bicycles, climb stairs and dance again.

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Using the Alontree Slide for stroke rehabilitation

Our Mission

AlonTree Company designs, manufactures and provides easy-to-use, affordable and attractive products to stroke survivors (or as we say, stroke warriors) and their caregivers to aid in increasing their mobility, flexibility and strength that they may have a better quality of life.

Our designer, himself a stroke hero, and our informed staff will help inspire and educate our customers to improve their quality of life.

Our Vision

To empower and inspire disabled people and engage them in a lifelong process of self-recovery.

More About AlonTree Company


AlonTree Company is a sole proprietorship of Alon Kaplan.  Alon is the designer and creator of over 80+ prototypes to aid in recovery from stroke or other brain injury.  The company aims to manufacture and distribute products to users all over the world.

AlonTree devices can be used in the home or in clinical settings to improve recovery from stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) when hemiparesis or paresis affects motor muscle groups. Some of the devices can help improve memory, speech and thinking as well.

Our business is to design and bring to market exercise devices.

  • We will provide our products to wholesale and retail outlets.
  • We serve our customer base with information and support, with emphasis on home use and self-recovery.

Unlike many products on the market our equipment is:

  • Easy to use right out of the box by those who have limited use of upper limbs due to paralysis/paresis.
  • Works with gross motor movements as well as fine motor movements
  • Easily used by caregivers
  • Affordable enough for home use
  • Usable in clinical, therapeutic and community settings.
  • Fills a gap in recovery left by the limits of insurance, Medicare payouts and out-of-pocket expenses for rehabilitation.

We have designed attractive equipment to underscore our understanding that while recovery is hard work it can be undertaken with lightness of heart, a positive attitude and in the spirit of a child learning new skills. The process of recovery can even be enjoyable.


You can workout using your personal AlonTree products...

and, become a Warrior!