In 2008, I had a catastrophic massive stroke in the left hemisphere of my brain due to a car accident. I was 40 years old but  I couldn’t talk, write, or access my short-term memory.  I couldn’t use the right side of my body. My damaged brain’s map couldn’t access the muscle groups in my right fingers, right foot, or right shoulder.   Several blood clots exploded and interrupted the connectivity of my neural pathways. Then, I found out about neuroplasticity. How does a student teenaged driver know how to find the pedals to speed up or brake? It doesn’t exist in the brain of a teenager, so neuroplasticity comes to the rescue. Repetitive exercises laid down a pathway to the fine and gross motor system in the brain.  I have NEW neural pathways that I practice every day by pronouncing phonemes, walking in my neighborhood, riding horses, dancing the tango, and writing essays from which you will benefit. 


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