My Triumphant Trip to Thailand

Nearly 6 1/2 years ago, I was in a catastrophic massive stroke. Stuck in a medical coma, I didn’t know where I existed.

Now, look: I am a Stroke Hero. I even know where my flight tickets, my core is handing my backpack & I’m fluent in non-verbal communications (traveling through Thailand you have to be – with-all the international people!)

My flight flew me down to Phuket, Thailand (I was staying in Bangkok & I choose Karon Beach down near Malaysia). I’m relaxing, eating Thai food, drinking beers & broken down English with the natives on the beachfront. I took a taxi-mini-truck (Hijet) over to Patong – 5 miles from Karon Beach. It cost me $10. Now, I’m stubborn. So, I went over & under the hills to get to my bungalow. The road was clogged up with Hijet, taxi-van, motorcycles, big huge superbuses and me. I kept jumping over sewer water, came scary face-to-face with some twit on his motorcycle & scrubbing down a 45% roads.

I was a Stroke Hero.

Hard work, conquers all!

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