My paradise, vol 2

Well, the teenager went off to California to road trip. My hippy friend was a over-grown angst teenager; He wanted to slacked-off. So, I decided that I want to wrestle with the Tennessee field stones, crushed-up gravels and a huge enormous bag of pebbles.

In May 2020, I dragged cardboards out of my neighbor’s garden and into my back yard. My neighbors were having a new kitchen and laundry room. So, there was a plentiful big cardboard (imagine, the boxes that could fit a fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer).

Next, I went to the local stone yard, and I choose a sunburst Tennessee field stone pallet and some pebbles.

Late-July. To be honest, stones are not come in a straight & evenly thickness. I have to arrange these gigantic menhirs without crushing my fingers.

I like the river stones interspersed amongst the field stones. It’s reminds of Appalachian streams.

The crushed-up gravels didn’t work so well. I drove to Lowe’s, and brought six bags of all-purpose gravel.

Almost done! I work in the early-morning and in the setting-sun evening. You know, this is fun for me. Building a patio and building muscles. I get to strategize my moves in building my patio. I can clock-out or clock-in whenever I want. Sort of like, horseback riding, or dancing the tango or, slowly walking on my neighborhood pavement or designing an AlonGlove or a skillful board game (AlonFlower) that can using your whole muscles, balance & core.

I used to be a cane-shuffling disability cripple. I go out, in all weather, and walk. One time, I found myself on top of a black ice. I put weight on my left foot and then, I transferred my weight on to my numb right leg. This was terrifying because, my right-map inside my brain was damaged. I felt the sheer panic of trusting my right foot on top of black ice to stay there! And, move ahead to the next step.

Now, I can balance on a retaining stone wall with my right foot. And, jumps off. Isn’t amazing!

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