My Left Side Scalp

The ER doctor and nurses were good to me.

The brain surgeons were good to have after my brain injury. The ICU nurses were good. The rehabilitation center therapists were good.

But, the doctors were terrible to me. What a nightmare!

The rehabilitation center nurses were awful to me. They would barged in at night and light go on and strap me down and take some blood from my arm. I needed some sleep! Luckily, I decided to go home. My house was a mess. My daughters and my ex-wife were sleeping next to me. I had programming, shopping, tickling to do for my children, cleaning up and cooking to do.

Walking through my West Asheville sidewalk. Going uphill and downhill. Gardening. Driving. Working on my ability to remember stuffs and exercise my whole body to breathes out and in.

And, sleep. Rapturous, glorious sleep!

The outpatient therapists were 3 or 2 hours/week. That’s it. My insurance and the rehabilitation center were only making money.

My left side scalp was reinserted by my brain surgeons. The other care from the nurses and the ordeals was scary.

It was the night after my brain surgery: I remember this small mustache imp and the large oaf deciding on me shining a pocket light into my eyes and nearly blinding me (no, Gruuum. you have to let your pocket light play upon your victim forehead!).

“You know, you are a healthy man. What if I place Gruuum with some older people?”, this small mustache imp was saying to me.

Let see: I just had brain surgery on me. I can’t talk. My right side body is numb to the world. I am lying down in some (my own) urine-wet bed.

Let Gruum’s bigger loafer hands give you a shove up against your bed side. And, your heart, right side body and brain begin to scream out of obscenities you can think of. But, not your tongue. It has been mute. Volume down. Broken.

Cat and Todd helped me get on my feet again.

My outpatient PT taught me to walk uphill and downhill.

Jon and Kristen taught me to pronounced all the words phonetically.

Susan got me using my brain power to do excised to make my right arm work.

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