Me Then (2006) & Me Now (2016)

I feel overwhelmed by disparate chores/time management issues.

I have been ending the day with a yucky feeling at the end of the day that my head is full of loose ends, that I didn’t get anything accomplished.
I am assigning emotions to non-emotional subjects due to stress/exhaustion.
I am starting to resent certain obligations. I view the weekends as just more obligation.
I feel I have very little “play-time”, relaxation time, reading time.
I can’t be present for daughter in the afternoons but also can’t focus on getting work done.
I have to snatch moments away to do work.
New obstacles keep popping up.
Baby’s demands are exhausting me.
I wish I didn’t have to teach Sunday school.
I don’t know what to cook or eat anymore.

Who wrote this?
Me-before-stroke or, Me-after-stroke?

Give up?
Before the stroke.

Well, I love my life.

Going dancing every two or three times a week.
I got employees that are good, capable, funny & hard working.
My ex-wife moved to Texas.
I fly to see my daughters every week per month.
I date.
I’m solo, single. None of this codependency junk.
I listen to my daughters, to my dates, to the nature, to my employees and to my inner core.
I go walking for miles without a care.

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