The child with cerebral palsy and me

On Tuesday, I was sitting inside the San Antonio airport terminal. A little girl with cerebral palsy walked by with her family. She was pushing her four-wheeled posture control walker* as she crossed the aisle in the terminal. The little girl made a beeline right towards me and put her arms around me. She hugged me and I hugged her. Her parents were completely amazed. Her mom said to me, “She doesn’t usually give hugs to a stranger”. I think the little girl with cerebral palsy saw my grief and sadness and was comforting me.

I think I may have a cosmic link to kids with special abilities. Before my massive stroke, I used to be a numb and sarcastic talking head. For too long, almost thirty years, I suffered from characteristics of obsessive-compulsive disorder such as anxiety, depression, ritual habits, insomnia, and tics. Post-massive stroke, my body, and my brain united.

On Wednesday at dawn, I moved out of my San Antonio apartment, took my household goods, and unpacked my carrier. I broke down and felt deep sorrow. I was wailing for the loss of past times. I sobbed for my daughters who had been living in our West Asheville home. I cried for those past six years of flying and driving to San Antonio to see my girls. Now that my daughters are teenagers they are snubbing me.

*Four-wheeled posture control walkers – These walkers have four posts with wheels on each. They can help children who have issues with balance and posture.

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