Stroke equipment by a stroke warrior

Magic Miraculous Snakes Oil

“We thought those brain circuits were dead. And we’ve learned that they’re not,” said Dr. Steinberg.

I know for sure that you have been submerged about stem cells which have been injected into stroke survivors’s brain at Stanford University’s neurosurgery lab.

“Their abilitth-2y to move around has recovered visibly. That’s unprecedented,” said Steinberg.


First of all, Steinberg choose fit young adults.
Secondly, he decided to keep the test small only 18 patients.
Thirdly, the patients’ “improvement was not only statistically signifiant”. Hmm. I don’t see any datas prove Dr.Steinberg’s patients were “statistically significant”.
As for me. I was 40 years age when the blood clots in my brain attacked my memory, my logical center, my grammatical complex and my left motor system. Gone. Kaputt.

“This wasn’t just, ‘They couldn’t move their thumb, and now they can.’ Patients who were in wheelchairs are walking now,” said Steinberg, who is the Bernard and Ronni Lacroute-William Randolph Hearst Professor in Neurosurgery and Neurosciences.

I was WALKING with a cane (or a wall) in CarePartner center within two month after I collapsed in my living room.

Three months, I walked outside in the winter of Appalachia town. In general, I was walking up and down my valley neighborhood when redneck drivers were honking at me.
By three years, I went to NYC and went down into the subways and hobbling in thWEISTLING_FINAL_REVISE_FOR_ADS_SNAKE_OIL_SALESMANe streets when taxi drivers from Africa honked at me.
By six years, I was hiking up the mountainous roads of Thailand and bus drivers and motorcyclists honked at me.

Uh. I didn’t get those “modified stem cells” in my brain.

BUT I worked hard at down’ somethin’ for my brain (oral speech, written speech, mathematical problems, logical, finding different neural pathways to get to those axions of where tho’ bastard were hiding my suffix, grammatical link-up for English and French, prepositions and fix-in my short & working memories) AND providing my numb, affecting & aching body hard work and rest and harder work and rest and my hardest workout AND… then, the whooshing sound my body make when it collapse in a pile of my twitchy limbs.

Baby steps, babe, baby steps.

So. Dr. Steinberg, keep your miracle miraculous snakes oil, please. Please.

I don’t want it.

You know what I love?
I love the pain mixed up with the pleasure of grinding down my adrenaline & norepinephrine hormones down to their nub in my nervous system.

I like that that, babe.



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