Stroke equipment by a stroke warrior

Karmic Laws

I thought that that the karmic laws were holier-than-thou attitude. I loathed the racist Church Ladies and the “sainted”‘politicians who would bad-mouth their opponents. And, I was holier-than-thou in terms of my religious, physically strength and intellectual prowess. I lay there in the hospital bed and my blood clot stripped myself of everything.

And, I found peace.

Not, 1940 movie nuns “peace” but a silly, joyful, boredom, angry & sad ‘peace’. Kind of like a pre-k school kid’s peace or, a dog’s essence of smells.

Eight years ago, my massive stroke was a loosening of my frantic, anxious, numb adult persona. Before the stroke, I remember sitting in a pew and begging ‘God’ to sell my screenplay! After the stroke, I became enamored of nature, listening to non-verbal communication of people and – yes – to play with my daughters and play with my childlike me.


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