Jewish sarcasm

During the flood of New Orlean, waters crept up and ruined the foundation of the houses of the parish. An old man sat on his roof to avoid the sewage of the water.

A firefighter standing in the muck called to him, “Can I help you?”

“No,” said the old man, “God will help me”.

The firefighter shrugged and walked away.

A rowboat carrying a group of soldiers. “Can we help you?”

“No,” said the old man, moving to the next level up, “God will help me”.

Night fell.

A helicopter churned overhead. A pilot said, “Can I help you?”

“No,” said the old man who was shivering because the water was lapping at his waist, “God will help me!”

The floodwaters washed the old man away.

Later on, in Heaven, the old man stormed up to God and yelled, “You were going help me!”

God said slowly, “But, I did. I summoned the fireman, the soldiers, and the pilot of the helicopter to help you!”

Since we are telling Jewish jokes, I will tell you a lovely story about myself.

So what if the brain surgeon said, “No, I refuse to operate on your  son”?

So what if my ex-wife said, “No!” (She could have lived on my life insurance for ever).

So what if I lived in a third world country with no access to health care?

So what if I lived in the 1980’s America? Even at that time, little could be done to help a person who had suffered a stroke.

So what if the nurses had refused to deal with my bedsores, I developed an infection, and had to have an amputation?

So what if I didn’t have access to physical therapists?

So what if I hadn’t been a super fit man?

So what if I didn’t have my AlonTree products?


It would have been enough for us!

(Jewish sarcasm).

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