Add Products

The Easy Way:

1- Go to Products>All Products

2- Hover over the Title of a similar product, then click “Duplicate” below.

3- Modify the listing to fit the details of the new product. Be sure to go thru each and every field/option.

4- In the right sidebar toward the top of the page- click on the “Preview” button to preview the page.

5- When the page is ready, click “Publish”.

6- Add new product to the navigation menu.

    1. Go to Appearance>Menus
    2. Where you see: “Select a menu to edit:” choose the Main Menu (Header Menu)
    3. Toward the top left you’ll see all available pages with checkboxes. Choose the new product page.
    4. The menu item will be added to the bottom of all the menu links in blocks to the right. Drag & Drop the new item to the desired position. blocks that are indented appear as sub-menu items.

7- Ask for help with any formatting, images, etc. you need a hand with!