I don’t need any pity

When I woke up from my coma, which lasted 6 days, I didn’t need any pity. Sure, I was clueless about my catastrophic massive stroke. However, I didn’t know who I was.

I mean. Literally. Who am I? I didn’t know who I am. I didn’t know what place this hospital room was. I didn’t know who were my daughters in the morphine dream that I hallucinating in the ICU ward.

However, the nurses and the therapists believe that I was a stubborn willful beast. My mother says to me that I fought with the nurses with my one hand, eyes closed. They wanted the IV needle to pieced my skin.

So. I was in a wheelchair at the rehabilitation hospital where I lived. I had a numb leg and numb hand. And, I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t write. I was a horrible sight!

My daughters (1.5, 4.5 and 8.5) and my wife visited me and when its all finished, I decided to see them to our minivan. Down, my rehabilitation hospital is on a hill, a dozen hills. And, I waved to the girls and blew open kissed with my normal hand as my wife drove off.

It was winter. Cold. And, fierce wind blew. And, I steered my wheelchair up, up, up and up the 30 degree hill to the top of the rehabilitation therapy center. I was exhausted by my trek up.

No orderlies. No therapists. No one came and save me. But. I made it there because I was stubborn. I learned how to read. I learned how to walk. I learned how to cantor on the back of a horse. I learned to talk. And, many other skills. (I got skillful at falling down the stairs, chatting with a pretty young thing at a bar, the horse bucking me off, and half-baked prototype which I wore for a couple of weeks, tinkering with the belts or hook before my team & I got it right).

So. I want to be your test dummy. Your salesman for our AlonTree products. Your confidant when you are breaking down. Your warrior who can grab you and lead you on a new adventure!

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