Stroke equipment by a stroke warrior
Alon used Fisher Price people to help him with his hand rehabilitation.

Fisher-Price Peeps

I suffered a catastrophic massive stroke. Years ago, my OTs pretended that I was ‘doing’ my affected arm & hand during hand rehabilitation with my mind whereas OTs (secretly) put my palm & forearm in pressure points controlled by… my OTs’ hands.

Anyway, my rehab center cost too much.

My Medicare bought me a SaeboReach. What a disappointment! My mature hand did about 99.99% with my SaeboReach and the affected hand did 0.01%. Several month passed, and my affected hand tried to flexion the ball and then, placed it in the basket.


Well, sort of… Basically, I tried to extension my affected hand but the SaeboReach had no way providing that. Its hard shell was made of plastic. Nowhere to go! I was ready to give it up… and cry.

My pre-K school daughters were playing with Fisher-Price Peps. I could to that, I thought. Placing my affected on my dinner table, slowly, my affected hand, with my thumb nestled inside my fist, pushed the Fisher-Price farmer to the other side of the table! Hoorah!

Now, using my AlonTrunk (you can do it on the table, or bookshelf) my finger and thumb can clench a Fisher-Price peps and carry it… and then… positional over the mouth of the bucket and… OPENING my fingers and thumb and drop Fisher-Price pep in.

Finally, NO stressed-out therapists, NO clunky machine, NO transport to the rehab center, NO schedules… and, NO “adult” hand guiding my “affected” hand to the bucket.

And, I do it 15 times EVERY day.


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