Stroke equipment by a stroke warrior
Alon used Fisher Price people to help him with his hand rehabilitation.

Fisher Price People

Years ago, my occupational therapists would say I was using my affected arm and hand during my therapy sessions. However, my therapists were actually using facilitated communication to help me use my affected arm and hand.

Medicare insurance paid for a SaeboReach. What a disappointment! My unaffected hand did  99.99% of the work with the SaeboReach and my affected hand did 0.01% of the work.  Basically, I tried to extend my affected hand but the SaeboReach did not help. Its hard shell was made of plastic. I was ready to give up.

My preschool daughters were playing with Fisher-Price People. I could do that, I thought. Placing my affected hand on the dinner table, with my thumb nestled inside my fist, I pushed the Fisher-Price farmer to the other side of the table! Hooray!

And, I do it 15 times every day.


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