Drop foot? I Don’t Have It & I Do Have It

My tango teacher did a flawless position with his foot. I tried that but, my drop foot wouldn’t come off the dance floor. When I at home, climbing the stairs my drop foot goes outward & right from my core. The foot is magically transformed into the Minister of Silly Walk’s foot. Outside, wearing shoes, I wear a ankle brace to have to brace my walk against odd terrain.

I don’t have drop foot. I do have “drop foot” syndrome.

My “normal” foot can bend, flip over, stand on one toe and stand on it’s heel. So, can my “atrophy” foot, too. But, slowly, uncomfortably and, uncoordinatedly. Where is my tension and muscle groups? Not in toes. Not in a sole. In the back of my heel (Achille tendon) linked to my calf’s extension gastrocnemius muscle group. Here, put your hand behind your calf and there’s should be some muscles.

I wondered, what if I tried to move my Achilles tendon and with my muscle group? Would I rise up?


My ‘atrophy’ foot was balancing on my toes!

All the “drop foot” syndromes are gone. (Until, they came in, again).

Seven years, I had a ‘atrophy’, ‘numb’ or, ‘affected’ side of my body. Seven years! My extension muscles are revving up due to our AlonTree equipment and walking up & down the stairs with barefeet.

You can find yourself folding laundry, carrying the laundry to the machine washing, going down the stairs, getting up from a chair, walking to the store or, walking in the mall.

You can be ‘listening’ to your muscle groups. Don’t any attention to your caregiver, your doctor, your PT, the strangers at the mall and especially the nagging voice inside your brain!

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