Stroke equipment by a stroke warrior

Design Studio

Alon has more than 20 projects in various stages of development from early mock-ups to working prototypes. Get a sneak peek of the potential future AlonTree products here in the Design Studio.

The Glove

Available for purchase soon!

Open your hand more easily and strengthen your grip with the AlonGlove for stroke recovery. The Glove helps you extend your fingers and provides support for your affected hand.

  • Finger-less design opens fully for easy one-handed application
  • Max-Dri polyester lycra wicks moisture for all-day comfort
  • Glove body material is washable with an anti-microbial treatment to prevent odor and growth of bacteria, fungi and mold
  • Light-weight aluminum wrist stay for support
  • Wrist stay is held in a pocket for easy removal when it’s time to wash the Glove
  • “Slip-Not” grip fabric on finger tips can grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Hook-and-loop fasteners for full customization of finger splint tension and placement
  • Plastic finger splints for light-weight, flexible support
  • Elastic hook-and-loop fasteners for adjustable fit and maximum comfort

The Pegs

Add new challenges to your AlonSeed with these pegs. The varying sizes, grips, and chains add new levels of difficulty and help you continue to improve your gross and fine motor skills.


The Masher

Stretch, massage and soothe muscles and ligaments of the hand, fingers, and wrist with the Masher.

Place your affected hand onto either the flat or convex side of the soft ellipsoid. Fit the foam wedge between your fingers and thumb, and secure your hand in place with the hook-and-loop straps.

With your other hand, hold the Masher's wooden handle and apply pressure to your affected hand with the soft foam ball.


The Leaves

Practice your fine-motor skills with these textured tiles. Fun and colorful, the Leaves have a wooden center for lightweight durability.

About the size of a cell phone, each Leaf can be pinched between a finger and thumb or grasped with your whole hand.

Exercise your shoulder and arm muscle groups by moving the Leaves into a basket.

The Leaf can be used with both the Glove and the Twig.