Stroke equipment by a stroke warrior
A chicken dinner similar to one Alon would eat.

Are You a Carnivore?

I began eating vegetarian at twelve years old. This lasted a time until I was 17 (5 years! Which is a long time for a teenager) and I rode the train through South French to Carnac-Plage up in Brittany. And, I became malnourished.

I went to the restaurant and wolfed down a chicken. Several years passed, then, I lost my dog in ’94. I couldn’t eat meat.

In the fall of ’08, I started to bleed inside my left hemisphere brain. I supposed that reason made me start eating chicken. Will I become vegetarian in the future? Maybe.

But, maybe not.

I like fresh, organic local-raised meat. I like the marrow and I like gnawing on the tender-most moist steak.

What I meant:

I like meat.


Stroke is often accompanied by massive changes in our abilities, attitudes, family relationships, and even food preferences. What change after stroke has been most impactful for you?

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