Stroke equipment by a stroke warrior

I Can’t Find My Pinkie

What’s it like to deal with hand paralysis? This morning, I can’t find my little pinkie in my brain’s map of location. Furthermore, I can’t find my four toes (the big toe is hard to miss).

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Are You a Carnivore?

A chicken dinner similar to one Alon would eat.

I began eating vegetarian at twelve years old. This lasted a time until I was 17 (5 years! Which is a long time for a teenager) and I rode the train through South French to Carnac-Plage up in Brittany. And, I became malnourished. I went to the restaurant and wolfed down a chicken. Several years…

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The Deer and the Pilot

A deer similar to the one on the runway.

This morning, I was flying to San Antonio (where my ex-wife & my lovely daughters dwell). The pilot came on to say that the reason we weren’t taking off was because the first-in-line plane hit a deer. Seriously. Why was the deer on the runaway? Do you know the “Far Side” by Gary Larson? And,…

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Before and After My Stroke

Alon Kaplan, founder of AlonTree Company, before and after his stroke.

Before I had the stroke, I cleaned, I gardened, I cooked and I did the laundry. I played with my daughters, I nursed them back to health, took them to school, picked them up from school (well, my ex-wife decided to go to chiropractor and she picked them up). I was the assistant director for my…

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Ancient Recipe

A pot boiling water over a fire, just like in the recipe.

Recently a friend in New Jersey sent me an email asking ten of her friends to forward her our favorite recipes. According to the ponzi scheme that she proposed, she would then forward our ten recipes to the person who had originally emailed her. And so on and so forth.   Somehow or other, if…

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My Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is directly under the big toe.

I wanted to hire an acrobat to be my coach to help with stroke rehabilitation. I was flipping through Instragram, that smartphone app that “is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures.”  I found Cassie.  She was lying on the floor, balancing her adult student upon…

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I Had a Very Bad Setback

Alon struggled with a setback in stroke recovery while traveling. I had a very set back up, January 2nd, in NYC. My middle daughter and I went to the Met Museum.  My excited daughter and I did every rooms at the Met Museum. (Some twice!) The killer was the stairs. My affected ankle and foot collapsed…

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Magic Miraculous Snakes Oil

“We thought those brain circuits were dead. And we’ve learned that they’re not,” said Dr. Steinberg. I know for sure that you have been submerged about stem cells which have been injected into stroke survivors’s brain at Stanford University’s neurosurgery lab. “Their ability to move around has recovered visibly. That’s unprecedented,” said Steinberg. Unprecedented? First…

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