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I Had a Very Bad Setback

Alon struggled with a setback in stroke recovery while traveling.

I had a very set back up, January 2nd, in NYC.

My middle daughter and I went to the Met Museum.  My excited daughter and I did every rooms at the Met Museum. (Some twice!)

The killer was the stairs. My affected ankle and foot collapsed under me.  I made it to the 1st floor, where the glass building soaring above the classical frontage [above].

My right feet and calf were sore. Actually not sore, but inflamed.  I wanted a cane and an ankle brace.  Badly.  I hobbled into a chi-chi pharmacy.  The saleswoman said, “My friend, she had a sprain ankle and she was in crutches!”

We did do some tourist style things.  Like, Rockefeller Center.  And, I grimaced from the pain, “I think, we ought take a taxi and go home by Megabus back to your grandparents home in Philly.”

Next morning, my dad took me to the ER.  You know when you go to the ER and the nurse said, “How would you rate your pain?”

I said, “Well, 2 or, 3.”

My dad interrupted me. “Alon is a stubborn man,” he said to the nurse.

I excused myself to the nurse and I said, “I am stubborn but the shooting pain in my leg causes me to be 8.”

The day after this, I brought my daughters home to San Antonio and then, I took a flight to Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta, which was cancelling every flights because the snow from the Appalachians to the Eastern Coast was pilling up.

I spent the day and night and day again, walking through the terminals and underground, waiting for the snow to cease. I figured out that 36+ hours had passed since I said goodbye to my daughters in their schoolyard.


Alon’s setbacks often fuel new ideas for AlonTree products. When you face a setback in stroke recovery, how do you push through it? What new things come out of your experience? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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