Are There Special “Montages” to Recover Our “Damaged” Brains & “Affected” Muscles?

Montage “is a technique in film editing in which a series of short shots are edited into a sequence to condense space, time, and information” in a movie. It infects us because the hero is triumphant since s/he takes her or his time which is NOT showed by the use of the montage (except from seasons changing, or, different clothes (Dustin during his montage in Tootsie) or, growing muscular finest (Batman during his montage in The Dark Knight). Montage

Why can’t WE do that? We fumbled with our time, multi tasking our precious lifetime away. We schedule our week and it bleeding to our children and it goring our rootedness.

We stroke heroes, have to do it sloooooooowly. But, “doing it slowly” has a change of finding out your presence by which I mean, groundness. Present. At-one-with-your-nature. Playfulness. Childlike. (Michael Moore reported Finland’s school system)

I used “multi-task” before the stroke. I was a numb individual who drank, stressed-out, nervous and did known the mysteries of being there (except for Shabbat and playing with my pre-pubescent children). Paul Archly wrote, “Based on over a half-century of cognitive science and more recent studies on multitasking, we know that multitaskers do less and miss information. It takes time (an average of 15 minutes) to re-orient to a primary task after a distraction such as an email. Efficiency can drop by as much as 40%. Long-term memory suffers and creativity — a skill associated with keeping in mind multiple, less common, associations — is reduced.” You can’t multi-task so stop

I have found that our AlonTree equipment or, walking or, swimming or, bicycling around town I am conscious, my body is rootedness, my mind is peaceful and I can listen-in to my “aha!” moments and be…. alright.

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