And, it’s Gettin’ Better All the Time!

I thought you will intrigue by my orally sentence structure. Last December, I printed out the alphabet suffix pages. Wherever I sit down for breakfast, I usually take three or six big words. I study them by orally saying them 3 times with my SpeakIt! or, not.

It’s changed my ability to connect my thoughts with my sentence building complex structure in my brain. Following my neurons electricity fires up my tongue muscle groups as I pronounced my speech in conversations with other people.

I can talk!

And, it getting better all the time! (Sorry, I’m sorry that I stole the Beatles lyric).
Now, I can picture the right words in my ‘mind’ and say it wherever it is a writing or, speaking to my colleagues.

Isn’t wonderful how the brain rewires itself and I changed my neurons just because I am saying my suffix pages out loud!

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