AlonTree Products Amplify Your Natural Ability to Use Your Weakened Muscles

Our AlonTree products amplify your natural ability to use your weakened muscles. Even if it has been some time since you tried engaging your atrophied muscles you can begin to strengthen them.

I could not walk or talk three years after my stroke.  Then I began building my products to help me. Now I dance, ride horseback, walk wherever I need to go, drive a car.

What do you mean? How can that happen?

Your muscles are connected to the fastest neural pathways into your motor cortex.  Within your body dynamics, the very core of your muscle groups, tendons and even gristle, are harnessing the energy from neurons firing to convert it into mechanical work. Now you are drinking water from a cup, you are walking up the stairs or holding a big box.  That is what I have been able to do working out with my AlonTree products, reconnect muscle groups to the motor cortex for real change.

Unlike some products, for instance the EMS  (electromagnetic stimulation )machines, AlonTree products do not perform tricks.  Those machines let you feel like you had a subtle movement in your arms or legs because of the twitching of muscles caused by the electrical stimulation.  But EMS does not engage the motor cortex of  the brain and without the engagement of the motor cortex no permanent change is affected.  EMS machines have a sort of smoke-and-mirror effect.

You have to do the hard work to conquer all!

And, our AlonTree products  help you find the right strength, the precision and the right pathways to developing the well-being of your body.

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