A conniving ‘victim’

A conniving ‘victim’ wants to harp on your compassionate and venomous side. A conniving ‘victim’ will play the part of the helpless pity partier which seems cruel. After all, the ‘victim’ wants your sympathy, money and power. Why do I write down “compassionate” and “venomous” in dealing with a sympathizer? The sympathizer needs to be able to flood their brains pleasure center with dopamine, Oxytocin and neurotransmissions. And, the sympathizer needs to think, “Well, I’m glad that is not me” and “Curse those villains! See what they did to the poor victim!”

I have this running commentary with normal twits, doctors, therapists, caregivers and people who play the part of “stroke victims”. Once, I got into a feud with a “stroke victim” in our ecstatic dance movement. Seriously.

Alon: Why do you wear shoes and a leg brace?
Stroke victim: I’m a stroke victim.
Alon: No. You are not.
Stroke Victim: I had a stroke.
Alon: Uh. So, did I.
Stroke Victim: I had a massive stroke.
Alon: So, did I.
Stroke victim (bristling): The doctor said, I must wear a leg brace and shoes.
Alon: So, did my doctor. So?

That’s why I do not care for the pathological victim for me.