Baby Steps

Baby steps are measured in months and years.

Mademoiselle Violin decided she was going to pick up the violin and, what-the-heck, play it. What’s transcribed in her YouTube video is magical and shows hard work (conquers all!).

I have been doing ecstatic dance for some time now.  Recently, a guy from my ecstatic dance came up to me and said, “you have made jumping success in your dance in the last three months!”  And I had a massive stroke once!

Thank you.

I  make progress everyday. Using  my AlonTree products helps me so much.  The AlonTwig provides support to my right arm so I can exercise and strengthen it.  The AlonWaterfall helps me to mobilize my affected arm arm and helps me coordinate it with my other arm and has helped with strength and with my balance.

Remember how the doctor and the physical therapist said, “Your learning plateau is about six months after  your stroke?”


Now it’s been seven-and-half years after my stroke. I couldn’t walk or talk until three years after my stroke.

Today, with the help of my AlonGlove and AlonTwig, I can move my fingers and thumb to create a pincer movement to pick up a cards, a ball and a Fisher-Price little people.  And I work at it everyday.

I can climb a hill with a 45 degree grade.

I can converse in English and French.

Oh. Yeah. I can do the tango. (Beginner tango).

Baby steps are measured in months and years.

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