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I Feel Like the 14 Year Old Wearing High Heels

I feel like a 14 year old sashaying over grass in her high heels. I’m trying something different; wearing sandals, in the absence of my ankle brace, I am walking around my home. Doing the dishes, climbing the stairs, from my office chair I stand up, hopping up on my bed and going to type a…

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What Is a ‘Plateau’ of Your Stroke Recovery?

“At six months out from a stroke, you don’t expect to see any further recovery.” “Often times there is rapid recovery during the first three months, but then progress slows down. This eventually leads to a dreaded ‘plateau’ in recovery after about six months.” “’Plateau’ is an expression frequently used in relation to decisions to…

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Karmic Laws

I thought that that the karmic laws were holier-than-thou attitude. I loathed the racist Church Ladies and the “sainted”‘politicians who would bad-mouth their opponents. And, I was holier-than-thou in terms of my religious, physically strength and intellectual prowess. I lay there in the hospital bed and my blood clot stripped myself of everything. And, I…

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I Used to Cry for Meat

‘Vegetarian since NEVER’. I went through my teenagehood and post-college age and adulthood without tasting meat. Then, all of the suddenly, I felt something was wrong in my aura. I had several blood clots inside my brain from a car accident several months before. Around my fortieth birthday, I devoured chicken by the tons. Thankfully,…

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A Damaged Brain?

It’s not uncommon for ‘normal’ people — without a damaged brain — who know some unreachable word or phrase; for example, a vague word, a celebrity, a phrase will instantly will come to them in the future. We have a couple of ‘phases’ for this brain’s neurons pathways mismatching; Deja-vu, tip-of-the-tongue syndrome, stuttering, etc. After…

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